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Posts published in “General”

Tuesday’s Trading Result = Awesome day

Remzi Bajrami 0

Trades of @DayTradingLive for Tuesday, October 23, 2012: Today’s Day Trading result = 11 trades = 4 gain, 1 even, 6 loss = gain +$1,150 Swing Trading exits = 3 trades =…

This Week’s Results April 19th

Remzi Bajrami 0

Didn’t get to trading until more than 2 hours after the open. Got hammered on $WLT, and finally took most of it out for sizable losses on Swing side. I’m…

Thursday April 18th Trading Recap

Remzi Bajrami 0

Another mixed results day. VIX and ETFs continue to rise for me, but have not yet reached their targets, but market sentiment is getting negative so they are close… I’m…

Wednesday Recap

Remzi Bajrami 0

Great move on my VIX and bear ETFs today but the most recent swing positions added had a negative move, so came out even after exiting a bunch of swings…