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Posts published in “General”

Entry Strategy: How to Catch a Falling Knife

Remzi Bajrami 0

Maybe you’ve heard the expression: “Catching a Falling Knife”?  Well, today over @DayTradingLive and @DayTradingLife we had just a trade. As a matter of fact, there are usually at least…

Here’s How You CAN Make Consistent Monthly Profits

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Let me introduce you to a game called Trading in the Stock Market.  In this game, we’re not really interested in entering into a position to Buy a Company… NO!…

Report on Vegas Seminar and What’s New

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It’s good to be personally actively day trading again as I was off last week while I was in Vegas.  My first ever live trading conference went well enough… with…

Holy Cow this Stock is up over 100% today

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I bet you wish you got in on it don’t you?  What if I told you this kind of move happens every day in these kinds of ‘stocks’.  What if…

Happy New Year

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Welcome to 2012.  I’ve been very busy lately… so busy enjoying life I almost forgot I have commitments and promises of work for many people now.  I’m back, reluctantly, and…