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Monday’s Trading Results

Remzi Bajrami 0

Today’s Trading Results as Tweeted by us @DayTradingLive:

5 Winners and 1 Loser:

9:35 long $EXXI under 24 here is good entry, nice gap down
9:53  add to $EXXI before it takes off  (it was under $24, then started to move fast at 10am
Result: Gain +3% , didn’t quite reach it’s target of +5% but moved up steadily

9:38 long $WFM under 54 if it comes to us
Result: Gain +1% , target was 2%, possible to use large capital in this large cap Stock

9:43 ignoring $BCOV bad news, broke 100 day but not interested… unless it goes under 11, then maybe (price was about 12.5 at the time of the tweet)
10:20  $BCOV long, here in the 10.70s, to start
Result: Gain +5% , target was +8%… should’ve shorted it first

12:47  long $ABBV near 50, right at it’s 50 day MA also
Result: Gain +1% , target was 2%, another large cap with big volume

1:03  long $KSU under 116, it’s exactly at the 100 day MA right now, honestly don’t expect more than a 1% or so rebound so try to get lower price
Result: Gain +1/2% , target was 1% … large cap with big volume


10:09   long $FSLR under 52 or just above, it looks good to me
10:34  stopped $FSLR here 51.5, will look to reenter under 51 or lower, will tweet if we enter long again
Result: Loss 1/2% , never reentered lower, but it did bounce up $1 (2%) after hitting price of 51

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