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The U.S. Just Took a Major Step Toward Energy Independence

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The U.S. just took a major step toward complete energy independence.

And it has a contentious cross-border pipeline to thank for it.

On Monday, Nebraska regulators approved TransCanada’s route for the Keystone XL pipeline, which faced opposition during the Obama administration.

Although the project still has a heated legal battle ahead, this is still considered an overall victory for the project.

That’s because, even with all of the political wrangling surrounding the pipeline, it’s now certain the pipeline will be built.

But that’s not a new revelation for Oil & Energy Investors.

Back in 2015, I predicted that it wasn’t a matter of if the pipeline would be built, it was when.

Here’s why.

The Keystone XL has become a basic element in America’s new energy security.

Of course, when we started talking about energy independence a few years ago, it seemed like a pipe dream (no pun intended). But now it’s rapidly becoming a reality.

In just 10 years or perhaps even sooner, America won’t need to import any large quantities of oil, and no natural gas whatsoever. Thanks to immense domestic reserves of unconventional (shale and tight) oil, the U.S. will only need to import about 30% of its daily requirements. And virtually all of that will be coming from Canada.

In this case, the Keystone XL will be approved because it is in the U.S.’s national energy security interests to do so.

And this latest approval proves that the government is finally starting to wise up to what we’ve been saying.

For us, the one takeaway that we want to focus on is that, one way or another, this approval is going to move oil prices.

And I’ve uncovered an under-the-radar way for you to profit from that movement, whether oil shoots up or plummets down.

But this is not an oil investment – oil simply makes this trade possible.

For the first time in a decade, the market conditions that signify this lucrative opportunity have just aligned perfectly.

And that means you have to act quickly if you want to be a part of it.

I’ve gathered all of the details you need to profit from this opportunity.

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